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Motherlode - When I Die (The Best of)


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When I Die Buy
Oh! See the White Light Buy
You Ain't Lookin' In the Right Place Baby Buy
Help Me Find Peace of Mind Buy
Hard Life Buy
Child Without Mother Buy
Dear Old Daddy Bill Buy
Memories of a Broken Promise Buy
Soft Shell Buy
Living Life Buy
What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) Buy
Can't You Find Love Buy
Quality of Leadership Buy
Righteous Land Buy
Been So Long Buy
Robert E. Lee Buy
Black Cat Buy
Hiro Smothek Buy
Lilac Wine Buy
"When I Die (The Best Of)" is a compilation album featuring some of the bands greatest hits over their multiple decade long career. The compilation was released by Unidisc in 2001 and includes tracks like "Memories Of A Broken Promise" and obviously their biggest hit from 1969 "When I Die", which topped the Canadian charts.