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Crown Heights Affair - Think Positive


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Somebody Tell Me What to Do Buy
Love Rip Off Buy
Heart Upside Down Buy
Think Positive Buy
I Got Somethin' for Ya Buy
Wine and Dine You Buy
Your Love Makes Me Hot Buy
Let Me Ride On the Wave of Your Love Buy
This US disco group, formed in New York City in the early 70s, was initially known as the Neu Day Express. They took their new name from a district of their native Brooklyn. The group comprised Neu Day Express members Philip Thomas (vocals), William Anderson (guitar/vocals), Arnold ‘Muki’ Wilson (bass/vocals) and Raymond Rock (drums/percussion/vocals), alongside James ‘Ajax’ Baynard (trumpet/vocals), Stan Johnson (keyboards), Darryl Gibbs (saxophone) and Julius Dilligard Jnr. (vocals).