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Carroll Baker - The Early Years


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Antique Love Buy
He's Human Like Me Buy
Time Changes Everything (But You) Buy
Gone, Gone, Gone (Travelin' Man) Buy
My Companion (Is A Mem'ry Of You) Buy
Tell Me Not To Go Buy
Licence #29-7563 Buy
Drowning in the Wine Buy
Lonely On Weekends Buy
The World I Know Is Now Buy
Love Now and Pay Later Buy
Roses and Heartaches Buy
Good Has Gone To Bad Buy
Just Once More (Tell Me That You're Mine) Buy
Words Without Meaning Buy
Changing of the Seasons Buy
How Can Anything So Right Turn Out So Wrong Buy
The Day of Bride and Groom Buy
It's Late (And I Have To Go) Buy
Wichita Buy
I Feel a Leaving Coming On Buy
Touch Me With Your Mind Buy
Happiness For Sale Buy
Mem'ries Of Home Buy
Just Out of My Reach Buy
That's How My Heart Beats For You Buy
Bashful Billy Buy
A Hit In Any Language Buy
Who Will Be the One to Lose Buy
We Both Can Blame the Wine Buy
Carroll Baker is an American retired actress of film, stage, music and television. This release features a collection of tracks from the early days of Baker's music career, which fanbases had been enjoying over the years. Music had always been a small aspect of her long list of accolades, but it amassed a niche fanbase of passionate Country music fans along with fans of her other work.