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Brothers In Law - The Brothers-In-Law, Vol. 1: Oh! Oh! Canada / Strike Again


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Rally Around the Flag Buy
A Very Conservative Man Buy
The RCMP Buy
The Hal Banks Hornpipe Buy
The FLQ March Buy
Oh! How the Money Rolls In Buy
Foxy Buy
The Pill Buy
Canada, USA Buy
Three Cheers for the Nairmy Buy
Toronto the Good Buy
Batman Buy
Average Canadians Buy
The Government Inquiry Buy
The K-K-K-Klansmen Buy
Lullaby to a Spoiled Brat Buy
The Men from S.A.C.O.N. Buy
An Inexpensive Funeral Buy
The Ten Commandments Buy
The Brothers-in-Law was a Canadian satirical musical group that was active in the 1960s and early 1970s, recording a number of popular record albums and generating occasional controversy. The original line-up of the band included chief songwriter Alec Somerville on banjo, Howard Duffy (guitar), Larry Reaume (guitar), and Ken Clarke (bass). In 1965, Clarke left the band and was replaced by schoolteacher Bob Lee. Duffy left the band in 1966.