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Voyage - The Best of Voyage

by Voyage


CD $17.05


Voyage was a French disco and pop group, consisting of André "Slim" Pezin (guitar/vocals), Marc Chantereau (keyboards/vocals), Pierre-Alain Dahan (drums/vocals) and Sauveur Mallia (bass), together with British lead vocalist Sylvia Mason-James, who sang on the group's first two albums, Voyage (1977) and Fly Away (1978). For their next two albums, Pierre-Alain Dahan became the lead vocalist on Voyage 3 (1980) and on One Step Higher (1982), and the group's sound changed from disco to pop. From the late 1960s until the mid 1970s, they were in demand in France, Europe and worldwide, in all styles of music: jazz with Grappelli, French chanson with Ferré, world music and jazz with Dibango, rock with Hallyday, and French pop with Sardou and Delpech.