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Roger Doucet - Songs of Glory (National Anthems)


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O Canada (English) - Canada Buy
The Star Spangled Banner - USA Buy
Inno Di Mameli - Italy Buy
Kimagayo - Japan Buy
La Marseillaise - France Buy
Du Gamla Du Fria - Sweden Buy
Deutschland-Lied - Germany Buy
Maamme - Finland Buy
God Save the Queen - Britain Buy
Himno Nacional Mexicano - Mexico Buy
Kde Domov Muj - Czech Buy
Hatikvoh - Israel Buy
The Soldiers Song - Ireland Buy
Hymn to Freedom - Greece Buy
The Soviet Anthem - USSR Buy
O Canada (French) - Canada Buy
Mon Pays - Quebec Buy
America, the Beautiful / God Bless America - USA Buy
Scotland the Brave - Scotland Buy
Yerushalaim Shel Zahav - Israel Buy
Waltzing Matilda - Australia Buy
O Canada mon Pays / Un Canadien Errant - Canada Buy
For Rights and Liberty - USA Buy
O Canada (English/French) - Canada Buy

Roger Doucet (21 April 1919 – 19 July 1981) was a Canadian tenor best known for singing the Canadian national anthem, "O Canada", on televised games of the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Alouettes, and Montreal Expos during the 1970s.

"Songs of Glory (National Anthems)" is the English release of a collection of songs Doucet was known for singing over his Career with the theme of bringing people together.