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Lakeside - Shot of Love


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It's All the Way Live Buy
Shot of Love Buy
Hold On Tight Buy
One Minute After Midnight Buy
Time Buy
Given in to Love Buy
Visions of My Mind Buy
It's All the Way Live (Live Version) Buy
It's All the Way Live (Pt. 1) Buy
It's All the Way Live (Pt. 2) Buy
Shot of Love has often been called Lakeside's debut album, but in fact, it was Lakeside's second. Fueling the success of this album (which first came out on Solar and was reissued on CD by The Right Stuff in 1997) was the gutsy funk smoker "It's All the Way Live," and almost as strong are the infectious title song and the classy soul ballads "Given in to Love" and "Visions of My Mind." Shot of Love was the first Lakeside release to boast one of its famous thematic covers; this one depicted the funksters as Robin Hood-type archers, whereas on future covers, they'd be everything from pirates (Fantastic Voyage) to jockeys (Keep on Moving Straight Ahead) to genies (Your Wish Is My Command).