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Masquerade - Pinocchio


MP3/320 $12.87
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CD $10.86


Wooden Wooden Puppet Buy
I'm Attached to You Buy
Cat Tails Buy
L.O.V.E. - R.S.V.P. Buy
Don't Leave Me Hanging Buy
The Land of Miracles Buy
Open the Secret Door Buy
Wooden Wooden Puppet (12" Version) Buy
Im Attached to You (12" Version) Buy
Cat Tails (12" Version) Buy
L.O.V.E. - R.S.V.P. (12" Version) Buy
Don't Leave Me Hanging (12" Version) Buy
Open the Secret Door (12" Version) Buy
ioneering dance music producer/arranger Boris Midney. He was among the principal architects of the Euro-disco sound -- one of the first to exploit the full potential of 48-track recording, his trademark blend of strings, horns, and percussion created a sound as deep and lush as any heard during the disco era. Born in Russia, Midney was a classically trained composer who started out writing film scores; turning to disco, however, he discovered his true calling, and working under a number of guises including CaressBeautiful Bendthe USA/European Connection, Double DiscoveryCompanion, and Festival, he produced an enormously prolific body of work from his New York City studio ERAS. Relatively quiet during the 1980s and early '90s, Midney resurfaced in 1999 with the techno-influenced Trancesetter.