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Lynx - Missing Lynx

by Lynx


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Dollars Buy
Visions Buy
Best You Ever Had Buy
It's All Over Buy
Lucifer Buy
Break It Up Buy
Goodbye Education, Hello Rock & Roll Buy
Caught in Her Spell Buy
Rock All Day, Roll All Night Buy
Holding On Buy
"Missing Lynx" is the debut studio album from Canadian Hard Rock band Lynx. Formed in Toronto by highschool friends Mike Swartz and Bob Walker in 1973, they recruited Swartz's younger brother Rob as the second guitarist, and with Walker handling bass, they added Rick Haberman on drums. This album was on the store shelves by that summer, and tracks like the lead-off and first single "Dollars," "Best You Ever Had," "Lucifer" and anthemic "Goodbye Educaton, Hello Rock & Roll" captured the band's live essence, and word of the band's raucous and flambouyant show continued to spread.