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Bourbon Gautier - Menteur


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Menteur Buy
Rester dans maison Buy
L'amour est aveugle Buy
Quand tu viendras au monde Buy
Le temps file Buy
Va pas trop loin Buy
Presque tout Buy
L'ennui Buy
Ceux qui l'font Buy
Hold Up Buy
J'veux des amis Buy

Bourbon Gautier is a Quebec singer-songwriter. He is the first Quebecois artist to participate in the Gala Country Music Awards.

Recognized for his talents as a drummer, he over the years, has played with several groups such as Les Platters, Manège and Les Fabuleux Élégants, formed of himself, William Dunker , Patrick Norman and Jeff Smallwood. He also released solo recordings, as well as collaborations with other artists such Laurence Jalbert.