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Patrick Cowley - Lift Off (Alan Dixon Remix)


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Opaque Orange Vinyl with Swirl $20.00


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"Lift Off" is the highlight of Patrick Cowley's 1981 debut album, 'Megatron Man'. Never released as a single in his lifetime, it still contains everything that made him an immortal electronic dance musician. Like he did so often, Cowley used the language of science fiction to create a shared gay dance experience, one where drugs like LSD, Quaaludes, MDA and even Poppers find a dual use on the dancefloor and in the bedroom. In both places, this song captures the newfound liberation fo gay sexuality so important to Patrick Cowley and other gay men in the early 1980s, in the years before the AIDS epidemic changed everything. This release includes the album version and a remix made by DJ Tommy Williams just after Cowley's death for a Greatest Hits Remix Collection. It also contains two very exciting new remixes by Alan Dixon. With access to the original master tapes, he has made two high energy versions which, while faithful to the original, have updated and given them more lift than ever.