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Bourbon Gautier - I Can't Complain


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Corine Buy
I Said Yes Buy
Cocaine Free Buy
Im Going Out of Your Mind Buy
Can You Spare Some Change? Buy
I Can't Complain Buy
Sing Me This Song Buy
Your Shadow Dances On the Wall Buy
The Feelins Good Around Midnight Buy
Mom Is the One Buy

Bourbon Gautier is a Quebec singer-songwriter. He is the first Quebecois artist to participate in the Gala Country Music Awards.

Recognized for his talents as a drummer, he over the years, has played with several groups such as Les Platters, Manège and Les Fabuleux Élégants, formed of himself, William Dunker , Patrick Norman and Jeff Smallwood. He also released solo recordings, as well as collaborations with other artists such Laurence Jalbert.