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Hervé Hovington - Deux histoires d'amour


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Plus fort que le silence et que l'or Buy
Deux histoires d'amour Buy
Nos cheveux Buy
Elle veut maintenant Buy
Chacun dans son appartment Buy
Requiem (Intro) Buy
Requiem Buy
Do Wah Diddy Buy
Juste toi et moi Buy
Si elle passe Buy
Pierre sur la route Buy
C'est mon coeur Buy
Do Wah Diddy (Version Radio) Buy
Do Wah Diddy (Version Dance) Buy
In 1993, Hervé Hovington recorded with the same team as his first album. (Breen Leboeuf as backing vocalist) This was his second album which appeared at the beginning of 1994. The disc is called “Deux histoires d'amour” and Hervé covers “Do Wha Diddy” (with remixes), and sings also "Nos Cheveux", "Deux histoires d’amour" and "Plus fort que le silence et que l’or".