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The Deele - An Invitation to Love


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Imagination Buy
Save My Life Buy
The Wisdom of a Fool Buy
Infatuation Buy
Feel It Buy
Invitation to Love Buy
Rewind the Tape Buy
Are You Ready to be Loved? Buy
Baby, I'm Hooked On You Buy
Slowalk Buy
I Feel Love Again Buy
I Can't Get Over You Buy
My Love for You Will Last Forever Buy
Imagination (Dee/Los Mix) Buy
Imagination (Radio Mix) Buy

An Invitation to Love is Cincinnati R&B band, The Deele's fourth and final studio album released under SOLAR records in 1993. 

Carlos Greene and Darnell Bristol reunited again as The Deele (without Reid, Edmonds, or Roberson) to record the album, An Invitation to Love. This album found the group adopting a more new jack swing-based sound and incorporating rap into many of their songs. The group called it quits later that same year.