Sutra Records

Sutra Records was a 1980s New York hip-hop/dance/electro label created by Art Kass who, with manager Charles Stettler, helped launch the label’s most successful rap trio the Fat Boys.

Kass was originally an MGM accountant, turning his head for figures into one filled with music when he partnered the three founders of Kama Sutra in the summer of 1965. In 1967 the label became distributed by the very label the foursome had spawned, Buddah Records, when Kass brought in producer Neil Bogart to its operations. Bogart’s ‘Bubblegum Pop’ style and approach to production had a strong influence on Kass. CD production began in mid-1987.

In 1982 Kass launched the Sutra label under Buddah distribution, creating a number of further labels, such as Bluedog Records, Fever Records and Baila Records and signing acts such as the The Cover Girlsand Stettler’s artists the Fat Boys- working with Stettler on their first release as executive producer. Buddah ceased trading in 1986, passing into the hands of BMG and its current back catalog distributors Legacy. Sutra, at 1790 Broadway, N.Y, New York 10019, became insolvent in 1993 and some of its back catalog is currently managed by Unidisc.