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Midnight Star - Planetary Invasion


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Operator Buy
Body Snatchers Buy
Scientific Love Buy
Let's Celebrate Buy
Curious Buy
Planetary Invasion Buy
Today My Love Buy
Can You Stay With Me Buy
Operator (12 inch Mix) Buy
Body Snatchers (12 inch Mix) Buy
Scientific Love (Radio Mix) Buy
Operator (Radio Mix) Buy
Body Snatchers (Radio Mix) Buy
This nine-piece band made their mark with their sci-fi instrumentation and aggressive dance numbers. This album spawned three singles that fall into that loop with the first being "Operator." With its pugnacious rhythm and frigid keyboard hits, this dance number held the number one spot on the Billbaord R&B charts for five weeks. "Scientific Love" was the third single; a techno-funk track seasond with Belinda Lipscomb's intense delivery. It was a top 20 single at number 16. Aside from its horrific title, "Body Snatchers" is all about the dance floor with its has embraceable All three of the aforementioned utilized the wizardry of Vincent "Zino" Calloway on the vocorder. The chart success of this album is credited to the production work of Reggie Calloway, the nucleus of the group, who was concurrently producing and writing songs for the Deele and Klymaxx. He and his brother Zino would go on to write and produce number one hits for Natalie ColeLeVertTeddy Pendegrass and Gladys Knight.