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April Wine - Live at the El Mocambo


CD $21.04
LP (Green with Yellow Swirl Vinyl) $54.45


**This vinyl pressing does not contain the track Gimme Love**

"The staid New York Times called it a Historic Rock Event. That may have been a crass understatement. It was an unprecedented happening, marking the Rolling Stones' first club appearance since the mid-sixties. It rivalled the biggest rock events, like Woodstock and the Beatles first North American tour, but perhaps the analogy is unjust, for those two nights back in March created much more than a tumultuous earthquake in the world of music; they created tremors that have still not died down. For the El Mocambo, it was two nights of glory, of complete renown. They surpassed the biggest, the poshest and the most star-studded of all clubs in North America, putting themselves on the map forever. And for the crazed crowd jammed into that tiny club, it was sheer ecstacy. 

It was into such an atmosphere that April Wine was asked to share the stage that week in March... the excitement, the glamor, the very magic of the event itself. Witness ye April Wine Live."
Larry Wilson - CHUM-FM Radio, Toronto.

The album was recorded during performances at Toronto's El Mocambo club on 4 and 5 March 1977 when April Wine opened for The Rolling Stones during one of the surprise club appearances for which the Stones are renowned, and during which they recorded part of their own live album Love You Live (1977).

Live at the El Mocambo was produced and engineered by Eddie Kramer best known for his work with the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin.