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Sharon Redd - Sharon Redd


CD $17.05


Sharon Redd was one of the more visible members of the Prelude family during the early '80s, releasing singles and albums with regularity through 1983. Her self-titled debut balances post-disco club music with the extension of '70s soul that many referred to as urban during the '80s. The two lead cuts on the album, "You Got My Love" and "Can You Handle It," are easily the highlights -- a 12" featuring both songs hit number five on Billboard's club play chart. A young DJ and Prelude employee by the name of François Kevorkian leant his editing and mixing talents to those two songs (arguably the two greatest moments of Redd's career) and helped propel them to their high-chart placement. Redd proves that she's more than competent with ballads on "Leaving You Is Easier Said Than Done" and "You Stayed on My Mind," but it's on the two key tracks and the equally upbeat "Try My Love on for Size" (a surprising non-hit) where she truly shines. The consistency of this album is one major reason why her Greatest Hits fails to do her justice. [Unidisc's CD issue adds five alternate mixes and radio edits of "Can You Handle It" and "You Got My Love."]