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Unidisc Radio - Episode 011 - Mashup Megamix

Unidisc Radio - Episode 011 - Mashup Megamix

A non-stop mashup megamix featuring classic dance music from Unidisc, Matra, Prelude, Solar, Mirage, Megatone, Prism, Emergency, WMOT, De-Lite, Phase II, Groove Merchant, H&L, Avco, Becket, Amherst and more...

Track List: 
Midnight Star "Freak-A-Zoid"
Warp 9 "Light Years Away"
Symba "Body Bait"
MTL Express "Dance All Night"
Rhythm Makers "Street Dreamin"
Erotic Drum Band "Action 78"
U.N. "Disco Power"
Nightlife Unlimited "Disco Choo Choo"
Weeks & Co. "Go With The Flow"
Visual "The Music Got Me"
G.B. and The Tracks "My Kind Of Women"
Sine "Chimi"
U.N. "Get It On"
Gary Toms Empire "Turn It Out (Tear This Building Down)"
Sandy Steel "Mind Your Own Business"
Vera "Ready For Love"
Patrick Cowley & Paul Parker "Right On Target"
Midnight Star "Operator"
Shannon "Let The Music Play"
Erotic Drum Band "Pop Pop Shoo Wah"
Starshine "All I Need Is You"
Frankie Smith "Double Dutch Bus"
Bobby O "She Has A Way"
Man Parrish "Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)"
Gary Toms Empire "7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)"
Pure Energy "Too Hot"
Constellation Orchestra "Funk Encounter"
Lime "Don't You Wanna Do It"
Lemon "Chance To Dance"
Bobby Thurston "Check Out The Groove"
Gino Soccio "It's Alright"
Unlimited Touch "Searching To Find The One"
Goldie Alexander "Show You My Love"
Mastermind "Mastermind"
Electrik Funk "On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)"
Erotic Drum Band "Dance In Your Pants"
Saint Tropez "Fill My Life With Love"
Rhythm Makers "Zone (Remix)"
Bumblebee Unlimited "Love Bug"
Inner Life "I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)"
Warp 9 "Master Of The Mix"
Captain Sky "Station Brake"
Beet-A-Minute "The Break"
Pure Energy "Breakaway"
Kat Mandu "The Break"
Arpeggio "Breakout"
Saturday Night Band "Let's Make It A Party"
Gary Toms Empire "Suite Disco"
Lime "Guilty"
Patrick Cowley "Megatron Man"
Midnight Star "No Parking (On The Dance Floor)"
Wuf Ticket "The Key"
Ingram "D.J.'s Delight"
Hydro (feat. Lorna) "I'll Make Your Day Tonight"
The Strikers "Body Music"
France Joli "The Heart To Break The Heart"
Lemon "Inside My Heart"
Bumblebee Unlimited "Everybody Dance"
Disconnection "Dead On The Case"
Rhythm Makers "Monterey"
April Wine "Throw Your Guns"
Weeks & Co. "Rock Your World"
Chic "Soup For One"
O'Donel Levy "People Make The World Go Round"
Onyx "I Want Love"
Karen Silver "Hold On I'm Comin"
Lime "Take It Up"
Loni Gamble "Dance To It"
Evelyn Thomas "High Energy"
Champagne Explosion "Sexy Changes"
Saturday Night Band "Boogie With Me"
Electra "Feels Good (Carrots & Beets)"
The Next Movement "Let's Work It Out"
Lonnie Smith "Sizzle Stick"
Visual "The Music Got Me"
Gary Toms Empire "7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)"
Gayle Adams "Stretchin' Out"
Direct Current "Everybody Here Must Party"
Constellation Orchestra "Perfect Love Affair"
G.B. and The Tracks "Chicken Stomp"
Chic "Soup For One"
Bobby Thurston "You Got What It Takes"
Rod "Shake It Up (Do the Boogaloo)"
Gary Toms Empire "Sexy Lady"
Saturday Night Band "Keep Those Lovers Dancing"
Lime "Wake Dream"
Weeks & Co. "Go With The Flow"
Fonzi Thornton "I Work For A Living"
Santa Esmeralda "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
Direct Current "Nothing Can Stop Us"
Nightlife Unlimited "Let's Do It Again"
Tracy Weber "Sure Shot"
Lorraine Johnson "The More I Get, The More I Want" Disco Version
Mastermind "I Am Music"
Hydro (feat. Lorna) "I'll Be Good To You"
Midnight Star "Midas Touch"
The Flirts "Passion"
T.S. Monk "Fantasy"
G.B. and The Tracks "Funky Flute"
Visual "Somehow, Someway"
Erotic Drum Band "Touch Me Where It's Hot"
Plunky & The Oneness of Juju "Every Way But Loose" Remix
Pure Energy "Breakaway"
Pure Energy "Too Hot"
Lemon "Hot Hands"
Kat Mandu "Hot Wax"
Unlimited Touch "In The Middle"
Secret Weapon "Must Be The Music"
Gary Toms "Suite Disco"
Hydro (feat. Lorna) "K.I.C. (Keep It Coming)"
Cliff Frazier & Co. "Video Freak"
Warp 9 "Master Of The Mix"
Direct Current "Everybody Here Must Party"
Shot Gun "C

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